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At Plastic Surgery Consultants, Our Philosophy is Simple

To ensure that you have complete confidence in our surgeons and staff while providing the most dedicated, professional care from consultation to recovery and every step in between. We know the most important thing we will ever do is build your trust, we want you to be comfortable with every aspect of your procedure and, most importantly, your body. With years of experience and a total commitment to making sure you're making the most informed decision possible about plastic surgery and your body, Plastic Surgery Consultants will give you the power to change.






    About Our Logo

    The Greek letter, Delta, is a symbol of change, represented here by the letter's own transformation into a swan, itself an embodiment of change, love and purity. Purple is the color of good judgment, magic and mystery and is also associated with those who seek spiritual fulfillment. It has been said that if you surround yourself with purple you will receive peace of mind. Plastic surgery derives its name from the Greek word "plastikos" - meaning to change form or substance. Our logo represents the positive elements of change associated with plastic surgery.

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